History of Church Street

Immediately following the establishment of Marshall County in 1836, the city of Lewisburg was organized.  At the time of its incorporation, a group known as the “Church of Christ” existed in the area.  This is evident from the original plat, which designated “Lot 6, Block 12” as the site for the location of a meeting house for that group.  This lot was located on the northwest corner of the block known as Haynes Street and Fourth Avenue and was accessible only by an alley.  According to Goodspeed’s history of Marshall County,

“The Church at Lewisburg was organized in 1836 and in eight years the membership numbered 136.  The first elders were J. McCord, John Hardin, and D. B. Bills; the deacons were Jonathan Bills and E. R. Hoover.  The first house of worship was erected in 1845.”

The church continued to grow after the Civil War.  On August 15, 1886, the record book notes,

'The congregation assembled about the usual hour in our new church building,' which is the current location."

Church Street Church of Christ was established as a New Testament church and this is exactly what we strive to accomplish today.  Our chief desire is to walk in the light and thus have fellowship with God (I John 1:1-7).  If you are interested in simple New Testament Christianity, divinely authorized work and worship, “speaking where the Bible speaks and remaining silent where the Bible is silent,” you will find like desires at Church Street.  If we walk in God’s light together, hand-in-hand, we will be brothers and sisters in God’s family.  We extend to you a warm and genuine invitation to visit with us and obtain firsthand information about the church of the Lord.