Our Deacons

As prescribed in 1 Timothy 3.8-13, Church Street has a group of men called Deacons, which is translated servants. These servants of the church do lots of things help us maintain our building, care for the sick, and manage many other aspects of the church. We are proud to have these men who have been selected by the congregation and scripturally authorized to serve here at Church Street. 

Kenneth Bailey - The Summit / Village Manor

Grover Collins - Marketing

Matt Ervin - Church St. Cares/Website

Joel Hargrove - Finance

Greg Hardison - TN Children's Home / Website

Robert Hopkins - The Summit / Village Manor 

Gary Lancaster - Fellowship

Kelly Lane - Audio / Video, Finance

Joe Liggett- Worship & Veterans Outreach

Ray Wakefield - Benevolence & Disaster & Pandemic/Healthy TN

Clifford Whitaker - Lend A Hand

Britt Wiles - Education & Worship

Mike Wiles - Missions & World Bible School